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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  Marcel Proust
Overview of how the program works                                         How to use this section of the website
The Granny's Garden School program in Loveland, OH has set the standard for merging school gardens with the classroom.  We collaborate with Loveland City Schools to offer hands-on learning opportunities that compliment the school's curriculum. We transformed the 24-acre shared campus of the Loveland Primary and Elementary Schools into more than 100 vegetable gardens, loads of flower gardens, a 3/4 mile nature trail and an apple orchard.  We use these resources to provide standards aligned, plant-based environmental education to the nearly 1,700 first-fourth grade students that attend the two schools.  The produce is enjoyed by the students as they work in the gardens, served in the cafeteria and shared with the community in various ways.   Though based on school grounds, Granny's is not funded by the school district and provides all services free of charge to the district.  We are a separate 501 (c)(3) non-profit organized funded by donations, grants and various fundraisers.  

Our teachers place high value on teaching time; so do we.  Time spent in Granny's Garden School using our lesson guides is directly connected to curriculum standards in Ohio, and our seasonal schedules (Spring and Fall) are calendars that take into account the needs of our zone 6 gardens and the timing of classroom curriculum, and pair activities and lesson guides that are relevant to each of the K-4th grades we work with.    We are the land lab to the classroom across curriculum subjects.  Our lesson guides, schedule and garden coordinators are the reason 48 or our 52 classroom teachers choose to participate in the program each year.


When we started the program, we did not want to introduce another curriculum for teachers to have to deal with.  So, we began with what they were already teaching and found practical ways to connect it to the gardens.  We now have a school calendar's worth of plant based lessons that not only meet state standards, work with the school's curriculum and the curriculum map, but matches it all with the needs of our zone six gardens.  In addition, we have detailed first-fourth grade lesson guides for each week.  We make our planting schedule, lesson guides and support information and worksheets available, free, to school garden programs across the country.  

We recognize that educators from across the country are using our lesson guides.  So, all of our guides are in Microsoft Word document format so they can be easily altered to meet the specific resources and needs of others who may use them.  We do have a copyright on everything on our website.  They are free educators to use in their garden programs.  We ask only that your recognize Granny's Garden School as the source. 


How to use this Section

  • Coordinator Guide is a guide for our class garden coordinators regarding all aspects of their job.
  • Garden Adventures  is a collection of activities and lessons used in our programs - organized by topic. Each includes grade level lesson plans plus additional information and resources, i.e. a crash course for those who want more information.
  • Planting Plan is a guide to what we are planting each season in our zone six gardens (Spring (Early Late) and Fall) with links to the appropriate lesson guides.

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"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." Robert Louis Stevenson

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