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Our mission with the Schoolyard Nature Network is to establish a foundation of financial, in-kind and training resources to sustain school garden programs.

The menu on the left is incomplete.  As we find time from running our own school garden program, we are working on getting the process down in writing to share with other school garden developers.  Our goal is not to promote school gardens, that is happening without our help.  Our goal is not even to tell you how to start a school garden.  It's easy to start a school garden.  The challenge is to launch a school garden program that will survive past the first or second year. 

The immediate goal of the Schoolyard Nature Network is to strengthen the school garden movement, not by duplicating Granny's Garden School, but by serving as a guide for others to learn from our experience We focus on the practical everyday fundamentals of creating and maintaining the physical site, integrating educational standards, and securing funding and supplies. 

Our more important long-term goal is to work with the "Garden Industry" and others to develop a funding stream to provide funding to pay class garden coordinators - as that is the key to getting teacher involvement and sustaining a garden program.  

Granny's Garden School's staff has a unique knowledge base acquired during our ten years of working with more than 1,650 students each week in a public school environment.  Our  standards based lesson guides and garden/classroom schedule delivered by our staff of class garden coordinators are the key to our success with having the program incorporated into the school day. 


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"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." Robert Louis Stevenson

Continued appreciation to our original website sponsor Ellie Kowalchik of Comey and Shepherd.