How Does Weather Affect Nature

How Does Weather Affect Nature


Grade 2, Spring or Fall

Objective: Students take a nature walk on the trail to observe the impact of weather on ecosystems. 

Ohio Learning Standards Connections

Earth and Space Science 

Water is present in the air. 

  • Water is present in the air as clouds, steam, fog, rain, ice, snow, sleet, or hail. When water in the air cools (change of energy), it forms small droplets of water that can be seen as clouds. Water can change from liquid to vapor in the air and from vapor to liquid. The water droplets can form into raindrops. Water droplets can change to solid by freezing into snow, sleet, or hail. Clouds are moved by flowing air. 

Long- and short-term weather changes occur due to changes in energy. 

  • Changes in energy affect all aspects of weather, including temperature, precipitation amount, and wind. 

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