Planting a Salad - Grade 2

Planting a Salad - Grade 2


Grade 2, Spring or Fall

Objective: Students understand that seed germination is dependent on conditions in a seed’s environment. 

Ohio Learning Standards Connections

Earth and Space Science 

Long- and short-term weather changes occur due to changes in energy. 

  • Changes in energy affect all aspects of weather, including temperature, precipitation amount and wind. 

Life Science 

Living things cause changes on Earth. 

  • Living things function and interact with their physical environments. Living things cause changes in the environments where they live; the changes can be very noticeable or slightly noticeable, fast or slow. 

Social Studies - Geography 

Human activities alter the physical environment both positively and negatively. 

  • People depend upon the physical environment to survive, and modify the physical environment to suit their needs. Adaptations have both positive and negative consequences. 

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